About us

Solidarity Economy Association (formerly known as the Institute for Solidarity Economics) is a not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder co-operative working to support the growth of the Solidarity Economy Movement. We’re based in Oxford and work in the UK primarily, although we do undertake some activity internationally when we can.

Our vision is a thriving Solidarity Economy for the UK – an economy that embodies the values of economic and social justice, diversity and pluralism, co-operation, self-management, and ecological sustainability.

What we do

Our aims are to:

  • Champion the values and activity of the solidarity economy, both in the UK and internationally;
  • Create and sustain a network of like-minded individuals and organisations who embody and uphold the principles of the solidarity economy;
  • Develop and promote research which contributes to the growth of the movement;
  • Further education through events, resources and other mediums;
  • Partner with others on projects and activity to achieve our shared goals;
  • Undertake international activity when there is a clear benefit to the UK community.

Why we do it

All of us undertake economic activity on a daily basis. From the type of housing we live in, to the transport we use, to the food we consume, we make choices about how we exchange money for goods and services.

We believe that the current dominant economic system – Capitalism – is not fit for purpose. In deciding to put the maximisation of profit above everything else, the real needs of the planet and everyone who lives on it are being ignored.

But there are many alternative economic systems that can work for everyone, ways of organising and doing business that are based on values for all, not profit for the few.

The solidarity economy is made up of grassroots activity, from migrant savings clubs and unpaid childcare circles, to self-organised workers’ co-operatives. It’s based on values, largely drawn from the co-operative movement, of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality and solidarity.

The solidarity economy movement is thriving around the world, particularly in countries like Brazil, Spain, and Greece, and it is beginning to grow here in the UK, too.

The idea for the Solidarity Economy Association was borne out of a growing sense of urgency for a fair and ecological alternative to Capitalism, and the desire to support this growing UK movement.

Our work

How we’ve been supporting the growth of the Solidarity Economy to date.

Our work

Helpful resources

A great place to find more information about the wealth of intiatives working for a fairer economic system.



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